Monday, April 5, 2010

Free thoughts (while I still can)...

Anybody see a little Minority Report riff in arresting a bunch of backwoods militia guys in Michigan for things they haven't done yet. I do.

I hear that the Obama regime is knocking around ideas on how to get jobs in private sector. I wonder why they can't think of anything? 
Also, they are having trouble getting the Karzai government in Afghanistan to fall in line. Once again, I just can't understand why they are having so much trouble.

Meanwhile Vlad the Impaler Putin is in Venezuela. No doubt he's there on holiday – it is so nice there at this time of year, ask Sean Penn.

Lastly, our super cool, all-star president threw out the first pitch at the home opener for the Washington Nationalize today – it was high and outside. At which point he decreed that home plate will be moved 4 feet to the left for all future first pitches. Now that's a shovel ready job.

Don't pass this along to the future state dept. guy. He's not allowed to think for himself, he's in the government.

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