Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Congress Needs a Timeout!

Here is a cartoon I did as a favor for Cherilyn Eagar's Senate campaign in the great state of Utah. She, like many others, has the message that they want to go to congress to clean up the mess. I am on board with that and especially like the "surprised" look on the republican elephant, as a lot of them are just as guilty of enabling the current mess as the liberal progressives on the left.

Monday, April 5, 2010

I liked how Mike Huckabee described the Obama economy. He likened it to a guy jumping off a 100-story building and saying "so far, so good" as he passed the 40th floor.
Free thoughts (while I still can)...

Anybody see a little Minority Report riff in arresting a bunch of backwoods militia guys in Michigan for things they haven't done yet. I do.

I hear that the Obama regime is knocking around ideas on how to get jobs in private sector. I wonder why they can't think of anything? 
Also, they are having trouble getting the Karzai government in Afghanistan to fall in line. Once again, I just can't understand why they are having so much trouble.

Meanwhile Vlad the Impaler Putin is in Venezuela. No doubt he's there on holiday – it is so nice there at this time of year, ask Sean Penn.

Lastly, our super cool, all-star president threw out the first pitch at the home opener for the Washington Nationalize today – it was high and outside. At which point he decreed that home plate will be moved 4 feet to the left for all future first pitches. Now that's a shovel ready job.

Don't pass this along to the future state dept. guy. He's not allowed to think for himself, he's in the government.